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    Laurie Campbell has helped me over the years. What would I have done without her? Childhood abuse was a big trauma. My food addiction was tied to that. I am happy to say that I am in recovery now.


    I am so grateful to have Laurie as my life coach. She is so talented at what she does, and empathetic, too. I have worked with her off and on over the years. If I face a some challenge, I always know I can contact her for support. I have recommended Laurie to several other people. Anyone I know who has contacted her has benefited from the partnership.


    Much of what I have realized about myself has happened when being with Laurie. She gave me new ways of looking at things and has helped a lot.


    I have noticed that counselors sort of shy away from spiritual matters. Laurie listened to my way of looking at things--even spiritually--and guided me along. I would say she's wise and insightful.


    I couldn't believe how much counseling could help. I'm not a skeptic, but close. Now I've become a true believer in its effectiveness. Laurie started by helping me change my thinking. She pointed out the ways in which some of my thought patterns were leading me down bad roads. I was given weekly homework assignments. Those kept me on track--a new and healthy track.