By Way of Introduction

I first received my Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling, with an emphasis in addictions, from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. However, I didn't go on to earn my licensure there because we decided to move to California. Unfortunately, here in California they require many different classes just to move on to licensure. In the middle of my frustration, a friend suggested that I work as a life coach until I become a licensed counselor. I have certainly put in enough hours, thousands of hours, but they don't count towards a license because they weren't supervised. As a volunteer for almost 30 years, that wasn't required. Since that time, I have personally faced many challenges, including those involving my mental, emotional and spiritual health. Although I provide much LDS/Mormon counseling, I am careful not to let my own belief system influence that of my clients – whether they have a specific belief system or not.

Before all of this, I attended the Art Center College of Design and majored in advertising. I've worked as a copywriter and put much of my "people sense" into my work. As stated on the home page, you can see my work at . 

I would love the opportunity to work with you. Call or text me to see what you think.